“Tele Guía” (1964-1968) began as a publication linked to the company Movierecord with information on public television programming of the 60’s which then become, surprisingly, a magazine for young people. “Tele Guía” was based upon the French “Salut les Copains” in content and aesthetics. SLC, with the magnificent photographic work of Jean-Marie Perier and Tony Frank, created the style of publications for teenagers in the 60’s.

The typographic treatment in “Tele Guía” excelled in some of its regular features like “Flash Pop”, “Discos TG”, “Cartas TG”, “Confidencias” or “Mundo Joven”, just as the comics in the line of Kiraz for the mastheads of many sections, in addition to the photographic reportages of P.A. Martínez Parra, Ramón Rodríguez and Jorge Rueda.

In the magazine credits the name of the designer never appeared although by the style it is easy to guess it was the same as “Mundo Joven” (the publication that later became “Tele Guía”) and the mastheads for the television journalist José María Iñigo’s music programmes in the 60’s and early 70’s.