Mapas que no lo son

Exhibition of 51 collages made by Emilio Gil between 2009 and 2013.

‘This extremely varied collection of collages is titled Maps That Are Not, an appropriate and accurate description for any collage. For collages are maps that lead you in a different direction each time you look at them. Their territory changes, expands, turns on itself and the ever-shifting horizon comes into view.

In my case, glancing over these maps that are not maps, in one I could almost hear the unique melody of effervescent ‘Swinging London’, while in another, spirals of cigarette smoke allowed me to get close and breathe in the enveloping aroma of the Rive Gauche in now distant 1968 France. All lovely, as attractive as Chinese ideograms, yet indecipherable. Later I was excited to see the humanisation of Mondrian (in whose work there is always an absence not only of man, but also of humour) and the LSD trip to the spirited America of the 1970s. I also paused a while, dazzled by the ascetic (ethical?) aspiration (respiration?) of the Russian typography and its definite revolutionary nature.…

Now it is your turn to begin the tour. And remember, as you stand before the first collage, open your eyes wide and look deep into the fragment of mirror, and let your imagination take flight: on the other side, you will always find your own opalescent reflection.’

By Enrique Helguera de la Villa