From the Catalan expression ‘Qui té la cua de palla s’encén’ (roughly translated as ‘he who holds the end of the straw, burns’) comes the title of the noir crime series ‘La cua de palla’ (The end of the straw) from ‘Edicions 62’, one of the most striking examples of graphic modernism from the 1960’s in Spain. The collection, created in 1963, had a first run lasting until 1970 during which 71 titles were published, all designed by Jordi Fornas.

Founded in 1962, ‘Edicions 62’ is one of the most active editorials in the Catalan literary panorama. From among its many collections, ‘La cua de palla’ stands out for Fornas’s striking graphic design. Using high contrast photographs accompanied by title blocks of type in which the hand of the designer can be almost be seen pressing the letters from the accompanying sheets of letraset, the designs are all in two colours; yellow and black.

Fornas created a graphic style for the collection that fed directly in to the international current of design at the time.