Pla Narbona wrote of Joan Pedragosa: “he has a geometric soul but doesn’t lack a poetic and metaphysical spirit”.

This soul appeared in a particular way in a series of clocks called “Kartolinos” that Pedragosa designed in 1997. Clocks to be assembled in cardboard,  searching to become small, geometric and minimalist sculptures.

Pedragosa used the clock shape as a graphic device in his advertisiments for Pirelli and Giro both from 1964.

All the works that appear in this blog belong to the 1939-1975 period, even though in this post they are dated 1997. The long and everlasting trajectory of Pedragosas’ work and his interest for tri-dimensional designs place the origin of these clocks long before their production date.

Notes and images given by Beta Albuixec.