“A graphic designer is a poet and linguist of the visual images of the world. Poetry brings warmth and emotion to the message. The linguist logic introduces clarity through the correct articulation of the message. Every work must have emotion, feeling and clarity” said Enric Huguet in an interview with the Col.legi de Dissenyadors Gràfics de Catalunya magazine. This reflection translates in to an attitude, consistently put into practice, throughout his long career.

Huguet developed works as a designer for posters, brands, alphabets and commercial communication, moving brilliantly in a broad spectrum of resources and techniques. From illustration, with which he always maintained a humble relationship of learning, to pure geometric graphics.

Within his work the communication originals designed for different pharmaceutical laboratories and products are to be highlighted. In 1973 he won the Laus prize for his excellent series of “Calcium Sandoz Forte” illustrations for the Uriach Laboratory.

According to Enric Huguet, “personal style, if it is a goal, becomes cheating. Only upon completing a work does the personality emerge”. Something all too clear when reviewing the work of this graphic artist so in love with his profession and his transmission of knowledge as a teacher at the Escuela Massana, where “for him it felt good to be overwhelmed by the students enthusiasm and desire to improve”.