A previous entry in this Blog introduced the first edition of the Spanish Graphic Design magazine ‘PRAG’ and detailed numerous professionals who were active in the 20th century during the fifties and sixties and who we now revere as pioneers of Spanish graphic design.

The second edition of this new magazine was published in November / December 1965, with Echeverría and Gimeno providing the initiative. The cover was designed by Gervasio Gallardo and was a prelude to the article dedicated to the artist. It featured a selection of his highly personal work, which is both innovative and highly anatomically precise.

Another significant section of the magazine covered a sample of posters and adverts designed by members of Grafistas Agrupación FAD, a group formed in 1964. The RED hoarding company had recently been set up, and this offered an excuse to include various examples of designs created for large format use.

The magazine also featured an important report on the Galerías Preciados department store, coinciding with this company’s decision to employ Juan José Morales as artistic director. Morales is credited with modernising the graphic components of the store’s marketing strategy.

José María Gimeno (Yo, Gimeno), included a selection of the covers he designed for the UOMM (Union of Merchant Marine Officers) magazine, illustrating his considerable creativity and expertise in the use of tempera, liquid watercolours, airbrushing, ink and brush painting as well as in the scratch techniques expertly employed by Josep Renau and Garbayo.

The second edition of the magazine also introduced Moradell, Santamaría, Cruz Novillo, Bas, F. Hernández, Alfredo, Agis, Farreras, López Sánchez and José Caballero, whose works were showcased throughout the publication.

By Javier García del Olmo