The graphic designer and printer Amador Garrell came from a long line of graphic arts professionals who were known for their experimental endeavours within the field. He began his career as a signwriter and cartoonist for the Catalan magazine “La Gralla”.

In 1954, after completing his first few jobs in Barcelona, he returned to his birthplace Granollers to take charge of the family’s graphic design business and went on to become heavily involved in promoting cultural activities. He wrote numerous articles in the press and also recorded city life in illustration.

In the 1950s he opted for a more schematic graphic style that was similar to the concept of design as it is perceived today, without entirely relinquishing his inclination for illustration.

Over a forty year period Garrell’s professional life was intimately linked to the business, cultural and civic life of the city he lived in. His work is a magnificent synthesis of local content and universal resources, in-line with the international graphic design trends of the era.

As Quim Larrea stated in an article written for the catalogue that accompanied the “Amador Garrell Graphics” exhibition at the “Museu de Granollers” (Granollers Museum), the artist’s work focused on the three following areas: sensitivity, temporality and happiness.

This post only includes images of the work he carried out for the business sector in Granollers. At a later date, we will review the designs he created within the domain of music (another of his great passions) including those produced for Jazz Week (especially the 1960 event), the “Club del Ritmo” (Rhythm Club), the “Orfeó Català” choral society and the light music orchestras of his native city.