Issue # 3 of the PRAG magazine, Arte Gráfico Español, appeared as a biannual edition (January-June 1966). The bimonthly cycle was broken. The company, almost chimerical for its time, faded, having completed issue # 4 which never saw the light. The Miguel Ángel Echeverría and José María Gimeno (I am Me, Gimeno) Project was cut short due to lack of funding. With the closure of the publishing house PRAG, Echeverría moved to Publinova and Gimeno partnered together with Augusto Jurado to set up their own studio.

In this last issue, the highlight was a lengthy report dedicated to Grupo 13, the article had a permanent theme: the window (a metaphor to see things through new ideas). So, Poza, Laperal, Escobedo, Olmos, Santamaría, Valdés, and Garbayo and Cruz Novillo got together to recover the idea of Grupo 13, which had disappeared after just over three years of intense activity.

They were not all there, it was only about picking up from where they had left: the great success as a team that had generated a huge national and international impact. It was a new approach with a new attitude to the task. Commercial art sought broader and more modern horizons.

Other articles were dedicated to the men’s fashion magazine Don, the Carlo Erba laboratories’ advertising campaign, and to the sample of illustrations of the artist who was as complete as Eugenio García Ruiz (Gene), who took centre stage on the cover. A presentation of the Clarín Agency through its campaigns, a report on the Phillips Film-Library and another on the pharmaceutical industry Uriach – which always invested in excellent artists –, together with the presentation of the Telerin family success on TVE, José Luis Moro’s great animated creation, covered a large sample of the year 1966 that was so rewarding to Spanish creativity.

Several different articles were published in the permanent sections.  By way of examples they included the Hauser and Menet poster contests, the Neufville typographical foundry competition as well as direct advertising creations and brand imaging.

The back cover saw a celebration of the 15th anniversary of the book Los Hijos de Valeriano, and printed a resounding image of Garbayo.

Then … everyone became orphans of this pioneering project. Several decades would pass until other means could fill the void left by PRAG.

Works by Zimmermann, Forcano, Horna, Seix, Marquesan, Grau, Romberg, Baques, De la Peña, Morillas, Huguet, Graus, Pla Narbona, Hoszek, Costa Padró, Rothenberger, Vellvé, Castro Carrión, Mesa, Villa Alberdi, Beamonte, Alberto, Roda, Santadréu, Artigas, Pomés and Miserachare… These are only some of the photographers and designers who sign their work in this third publication, some of them are today classics of Spanish design.

By Javier García del Olmo