Anna Calvera explains it very well in the text “From graphic artist to graphic designer” included in the tribute book to Antoni Morillas, admirably prepared by his son Lluis, a thorough documentation of his father’s professional path: “in the case of graphic designers the process followed is clear. When they start out as apprentices, they are draughtsmen and commercial artists who work for printers, where they are considered one of the services that the printers offer their clients (when they deliver the printed elements: cards, corporate stationery, catalogues or calendars, the prize piece of the moment). When setting out on their own they are graphic artists and designers –that is, professionals with know-how to communicate and develop communication material– and they speak directly with the advertisers. They become the printers’ customer.”

An important part of this particular path for Antoni Morillas, was the work he did for the pharmaceutical industry and major drug companies of the 60’s in Spain. The “prescription” for Morillas was that “issues such as the identity of the artist did not interest him so much as the graphic and visual experimentation itself, which he developed to enrich the design project”, as the historian Anna Calvera explains in this same text. His approach that can be seen in this collection of original ads for the Uriach, Biohorm, Wander or Sandoz laboratories.