The “New Artists Collection” was a “Clan” initiative, the Madrid bookstore-gallery-editorial, promoted by journalist, writer and editor Thomas Seral y Casas in the late 1940s. The activity of this promoter and inventor of cultural initiatives and founder of different gallery-libraries was significant to the renewed modernity tradition in Spain.

The “New Artists Collection” consists of 13 numbers with a 17 x 20 cm format. The first one in 1948, was dedicated to the Polish painter and theorist Mathias Goeritz (Magó) who also coordinated the early releases featuring other important numbers dedicated to Benjamin Palencia, Ángel Ferrant, Maruja Mallo or the pioneer tribute Paul Klee.

Of each issue 30 were numbered I to XXX, printed on bond paper and 150, 300 or even in some cases up to 600 copies printed on “alfa” paper.

The publication’s design has an air of retro due to the technical limitations of the time. Letters with broken profiles thanks to letterpress printing, centred blocks of text, neoclassical serif typefaces, textured cardstock, off-white stock with printed coloured backgrounds, exceptional interior pages printed on a coated stock for better reproduction of the b/w photos…

In 2007, thanks to a happy initiative between the Government of Aragon and Chus Tudelilla’s interest and success, the complete collection of this unique publication was reissued in a facsimile edition with an introductory text by Juan Manuel Bonet.

The covers and title pages of the first 7 numbers are to be found in this first post.