“Garbayo, el grafismo valiente” is a book that Fermín Garbayo’s children have affectionally and thoughtfulness put together. It is an homage that covers the brilliant activity of one of the geatest names whitin the Spanish graphic design community.

As Pepe Cruz Novillo wrote in Garbayo´s obituary in the newspaper “El País”: ‘Fermín had been one of most talented poster designers of our generation; a illustrator with a powerful style, and a brilliant creative director as well. However due to his humble nature and lack of ambition, he is a painter that necessitates investigation into his almost unknown work. A master of designers, a great number of younger colleagues were trained in his studio’.

The series of  Garbayo’s posters designed in the sixties for the Gran Corrida de la Beneficiencia covers all the classic themes in the ‘toros’ genre but with a personal treatment, with graphic skills that upgrade the result before turn them into works of art. Bull, toreador, ‘cuadrilla’, bull ring, ‘capote’, ‘suertes’… modernized, stylishly remodelled simultaneously into the contrasting forms of expresionism and swiss style graphic design, transcending the run-of-the-mill. As Raquel Pelta wrote in “Garbayo, el grafismo valiente”: ‘he has great control and technique as well as and the facility and strength to follow the typical resources that a bullfighter poster required’.

Bulls and toreadors turn to “paper creatures” as Garbayo liked to refer to the characters in his posters.