“And, nevertheless, the ensemble in the exhibition shapes a structured organic whole that rounds off answers, covering up possible fissures, consolidating the experiment and demonstrating the maturity and assurance of an almost philosophical work of investigation. Work that has not materialised from good taste, or a job well done, nor from the chosen profession of exceptional erudition – all of this is in addition – but rather as a result of the paused and methodical confrontation with the problems to be resolved and a clear and simple exhibition of – his – found solutions.”

The quote from Luis González-Robles, General Director of Spanish BBAA Council in 1976, is taken from the introduction belonging to the touring exhibition catalogue and aptly defines one of the most important Spanish artists: Pedro García-Ramos. We are indebted to Pedro, together with Juan Ignacio Macua, for not only the finest exhibition design in Spain in recent decades, but also an artistic career that has touched upon, as is the case with the catalogue presented in this post, the most purely creative aspects or productions in the field of mainstream graphic design.

This exhibition catalogue, produced by the “Equipo de Diseño” Pedro García-Ramos established in 1966, brought together previous investigations, theoretical preparatory work, installation images and a “Translation of a García-Ramos work”, written by his colleague Juan Ignacio Macua in his own handwriting, “With which he demonstrates, in terms of the variety of themes, that the art object, the artistic, is not the motif or idea chosen to discover his images, but rather the procedure used, the medium.” Virtually what Pedro García-Ramos has been working on throughout his career: choosing the right medium to address different artistic themes he has come across; themes that range from exhibition installations to his involvement at the front of such important cultural platforms as the Fine Arts Circle in Madrid or the Spanish Association of Design Professionals. Thank you Pedro for your “travels”.