In 1953, Producciones Editoriales del Nordeste, PEN, published in its collection Books of the Unicorn, a small text book by Joan Josep Tharrats in which he made a tour of Christmas greetings in the form of postcards, Christmas cards, keepsakes, etc. From the miniatures of the Books of Hours to illustrations by Saul Steinberg, José Caballero, Salvador Dalí or Eric Gill, this delightful little book showed the good work of Ricard Giralt Miracle, not only in its layout but also in some of the vignettes that dotted its pages.

With a style that harkens to the year in which it was written, Tharrats writes: “Currently, few are the commercial houses of our cities, which are held a little in esteem, that do not convey good wishes to their customers and suppliers. A rigorous selection of these missives would constitute a beautiful collection for the aficionados to preserve and keep growing day by day.”

Not only the stars that the designers of the FAD (see previous post) drew in 1963 but the ones that many other designers have created year after year are worthy of belonging to that beautiful collection that J. J. Tharrats suggested.

This post gathers Christmas cards designed by Daniel Gil, Ricard Giralt Miracle, Enric Huguet, Máximo, and Julián Santamaría.