“Barcelona is the wide and beautiful window, the proud balcony, from which Spaniards look out over that Mediterranean Sea. It is destined, again and always, to be the axis and crossroads of cultures, the path and the means to admirable joint participations.”

I quote this statement, signed by V. Domínguez Isla, from the text of the introduction to the Program of the 1969 Fiestas de la Merced in Barcelona, as a small, individual homage to express the certainty of feeling myself within a common spirit, with its own and distinctive features that enrich us all. Ours is a reality based on admiration and respect that flows back and forth. Today more than ever I need to say this.

“Barcelona – the great Barcelona of three million souls in an area of ​​well-defined metropolitan characteristics – fully immersed in the almost incredible undertaking of integration in its midst, without losing its personality; but rather, enriching it with original and valuable contributions, a force of overflowing presence parked unmistakeably in its soil and its urban physiognomy,” continued Domínguez Isla. His words that seem written for this critical historical moment in which we find ourselves.

The catalogue produced by the Institute of Arte Gráfico Filograf, with illustrations by Pedro Virgili and design by Ricard Giralt Miracle, is one more example of the exquisite work of this pioneering graphic artist (see previous entries).