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A sharp point

A sharp point

In 1995 the “American Pencil Collectors Society” was founded in the USA, bringing together an interesting group of writing instrument collectors primarily focused on the collection of graphite lead pencils. For a number of years now, I’ve been pleased to form part of this Association, which publishes the newsletter “The Pencil Collector” as the “Official...
'Plaquetas’: Ricard Giralt Miracle

‘Plaquetas’: Ricard Giralt Miracle

The ‘plaquetes’ were greetings cards created by the ‘Filograf’ studio of designer Ricard Giralt Miracle. Sent out between 1953 and 1989 at christmas, or in the summer, they represent the synthesis of Giralt Miracle’s graphic world; his most personal, and gratifying work. Employing texts by Cervantes, Dante Aligheri, Juan Ramón Jiménez, Maragall or Salvat Papasseit...